Murdock the Marvelous – the Magical Blind Cat

This week we talk to Anna Hill-Hessler, about Murdock the Marvelous – the magical blind cat. This is a delightful story…about a woman and the bond she shares with a very special cat.

How old is Murdock and where was he adopted from?

Murdock is almost 10 months old, and was adopted from the Sonoma Humane Society. I’ve had him since he was two weeks old.

What’s his background?

Murdock came in to the Sonoma Humane Society during one of my Sunday shelter shifts when he was just two weeks old. He had a chronic infection in both eyes that had caused them to rupture. I took him home with me that night to take care of him and he never left. I didn’t plan on keeping him while I was fostering him, but we went through so much and were very attached to each other by the time he was finally fully recovered. He was really sick for a long time and almost didn’t survive his first surgery; he even had a blood transfusion.

"Sometimes I forget that he doesn't have eyes" | Murdock the Marvelous – the Magical Blind Cat

What made you fall in love with Murdock and adopt him?

Even while battling his heath issues, Magical Murdock has remained a very loving and happy kitten. His positive attitude and sweet disposition steal the hearts of many. He continues to thrive and doesn’t let his disability slow him down. Murdock acts like a completely normal kitten; sometimes I forget he doesn’t have eyes. He plays with toys, tears up the toilet paper, chases flies, and loves his supervised visits outside to explore in the backyard. He’s a true inspiration, not to mention the most amazing, handsome cat I’ve ever known!

Murdock loves his visits outside to explore in the backyard | Murdock the Marvelous – the Magical Blind Cat

What’s his favourite place to sleep and to play?

Murdock loves to sleep on top of the dryer. The bathroom is his favourite place to play; he’s always in there chasing his toys. I think he likes the acoustics. His sense of hearing is amazing, he can hear things the other cats can’t and has this uncanny ability to track down insects in the backyard much faster than the other cats can.

Murdock loves to sleep on top of the dryer | Murdock the Marvelous – the Magical Blind Cat

What’s your favourite activity together?

Murdock loves to dress up and play with my 3 year old son, Waylon. Superman & Blind Supercat is my personal favourite. I’m going to be making a mini movie for YouTube where they have to battle a beast (played by my dog Jupiter) to save the Yellow Monkey Man (a well-loved toy).

Superman (Waylon aged 3) & Blind Supercat | Murdock the Marvelous – the Magical Blind Cat

What makes him extra special?

Murdock is the happiest and most laid back cat I’ve ever met. When he met his fans at the Santa Rosa Cat Show last month he just lounged on the table and greeted everyone with smiles and hugs. Most cats would have been completely terrified of the situation, but Murdock truly loved it. He is so trusting of strangers and always seems 100% happy, no matter what. Even when he was a very ill kitten he was always purring and prancing.

Anna Hill-Hessler and Murdock share a special bond | Murdock the Marvelous – the Magical Blind Cat

Animals teach us a lot. What can we learn from Murdock?

Murdock the Marvelous – the Magical Blind Cat

“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.”

I gave Murdock his own Facebook page because he is one of the most inspirational cats I have ever met and I thought he should be shared with others. I had no idea his page and popularity would grow so big, so fast. Murdock now has thousands of ‘fans’ some who have even told me Murdock is their reason for getting up in the morning when they’re feeling down. I like to think of him as an internet therapy cat.

Thanks to Anna for sharing Murdock’s story with us. To learn more about Murdock the Marvelous and view additional photos go to his Facebook page.


  1. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this story. What a beautiful and inspirational kitty, Dressed up like super cat, he is even more precious. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. says

    Murdock seems like a really awesome guy! He’s very handsome. I love that he is willing to play superheros. Nobody saves the day like kitties do :)

  3. says

    That is such a great story about Murdock. Sounds like he is a wonderful cat. Loved this story and so glad he has such a great home. Take care.

  4. piranha banana says

    What a beautiful creature! Even while closed, he looks like he’s smiling at me… and he wears a bow tie – right up my alley!


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